• Helen Mia Harris: Couples Therapist – Marriage Counsellor – Couples Coaching and Relationship Therapist for Couples and Individuals. (MBACP NCPS Accredited)

  • Helen Mia helps Couples and Individuals who may feel they are living alone together and feel emotionally disconnected. These sessions will help you to find a warmer way forward.

    Helen Mia also specialises in: Love Addiction, Heartbreak, Anxious Attachment and Co-dependency and is a Writer, Speaker and Presenter on this subject. Please see below for more information on this.

    Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling

    A highly qualified Relationship Specialist and Couples Therapist with over 26 years of experience Helen Mia quickly identifies the triggers and dynamics between two people that have led to the breakdown or problems in their relationship communication. This can lead a couple to a warmer and emotionally responsive place with one another.

    What Makes Helen Mia Harris an Effective Warm Relationship Therapist and Marriage Counsellor?

    Helen Mia has had many years training and experience in relationship and couples therapy, grief and bereavement counselling, coaching and personal development. For over 26 years she’s has also specialised in helping people with the debilitating symptoms of Heartbreak, Love Sickness, Unrequited Love and Loss.

    Helen Mia’s focus in her practice now is on helping individuals and couples by enabling them to really explore the difference between mature, healthy love and an anxious insecure love. Helen Mia is passionate about working with the love relationship and its heights and indifferences and ask the question; Where do we fall when we fall in love?

  • Helen Mia knows, through testimonials from people and their personal recommendations, that her work with individuals and couples makes a profound difference and produces real improvement in their’ lives.

    She helps them discover a deepening sense of integrity, truth and direction and helps put emotional pain and loss into perspective. In cases of separation or emotional dispute, Helen Mia assists in helping people move from indifference to feeling more connected to one another.

    Professional Work, Accreditation & Training

    Helen Mia Harris began studying the work of C. G. Jung at the Thomas Aquinas Academy in Sydney, Australia whilst running re-educational workshops on personal growth and self-development. She studied and received training at various institutes including the C. G. Jung Institute in Switzerland and the Tavistock and Portman (NHS Trust) in Britain as well as studying humanistic counselling, NLP, CBT, EMDR, existential psychotherapy and Lacanian psychoanalysis.

    Helen Mia has studied and continues to pursue an on-going academic, practical and personal interest in creative writing, Memoir, poetry, art house film and Polish Theatre. For two years Helen Mia has attended weekly online meetings at Columbia University New York in Narrative Medicine.

    In addition to Helen’s Mia’s private practice with Individuals and Couples, she’s had the privilege of working with and learning from patients in prisons, hospices, children’s homes and in various clinical settings including Guy’s Hospital and the Marie Curie Palliative Care Trust. Several years ago she began her work in a Naturopathic Hospice in Perth Australia where complimentary medicine, nutrition, massage for Cancer patients and storytelling was an essential part of the care based on the work of Rudolf Steiner.

    Helen Mia’s committed to helping people gain a sense of feeling emotionally free by understanding that it is in this whole process of “meeting and solving problems” that life has its meaning. Her sessions will help you acquire the tools to face conflict and misunderstandings and work through and solve them successfully whilst learning and growing in the process.

  • Helen Mia is an accredited practitioner by The National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society and MBACP registered, adhering to all accreditation guidelines.

    Helen is…

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    An Emotionally Focused Approach to Couples Therapy

    Helen Mia specialises in Couples and Marriage Therapy/Counselling which has a focus on the couples emotional responsiveness to one another. This leads to many experiencing a warmer emotional connection.. As a dedicated professional Helen Mia has undertaken several Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programmes between 2012 to date. Many undertaken at: The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, WPF Therapy, The College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT), The Counselling Centre (Tunbridge Wells) Psychotherapy UK. The Lacanian Orientation of Psychoanalysis, Freud Museum, Therapy Harley Street, EMDRA and The National Counselling Society.

    Most recent Continuing Professional Development Programmes and Workshops:

    • Lights, Camera’s, Therapy – In Conversation with Dr. Orna Guralnik (Couples Therapy BBC Programme) Tavistock Relationships
    • Couples Therapy: Frame by Frame: Tavistock Relationships
    • Rediscovering Meaning in Life after Trauma and Covid-19- Dr Joel Vos PhD
    • Emergency Summit Contributing to Global Peace and Justice- The Ukraine Crisis (9 hours)
    • Single Session and One at a Time Therapy with Professor Windy Dryden The National Counselling Society (6 hours)
    • An Introduction to PTSD and Trauma: Kate Robillard-Day The National Counselling Society (6 hours)
    • The Bear and the Cave: Anxiety Part I and 2: CTRN Training: The Traumatised Inner Child
    • Refresher Training Grief and Bereavement: Dr. John Wilson a 6 week Online Course
    • Understand and Application of: Solution Focused Therapy Principles ITC Therapy (6hours)
    • Therapy for Trauma-Related Guilt: Dr. Mark Widdowson
    • Working with Trauma the Fundamentals: Kate Williams
    • Understanding the Mother-Daughter Relationship Attachment Rosjke Hasseldine
    • How to revive an emotional connection and attachment bond
    • How to rekindle desire in a long term relationship
    • The Neuroscience of Love and Attachment in the Couple Relationship
    • Exploring Sexual Desire and Intimacy in the Couple Relationship
    • Emotionally Focused Therapy with Couples
    • N.L.P Life Coaching for Couples and Individuals
    • Compulsive and addictive sexual behaviour: impact on the individual and couple
    • Loving and Being Loved: The Art of Loving
    • Sexual Arousal and Desire Issues in the Clinic
    • ‘And thereby hangs a tale’: Narrative identity, change and therapy
    • ‘Dangerous desire, inanimate attachment’: psychodynamics of addiction and recovery
    • ‘Don’t go wasting your emotion’: An introduction to the psychology of emotions, normal and extreme
    • Betrayal and the couple: Affairs, pornography and the internet
    • Sex and the Brain – the neuroscience of love, sex and attachment
    • Addiction as an Attachment Disorder: Attachment gone wrong
    • Searching for the Beloved
    • Adult Love and Loving Bonds: an outline of the theory and practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy with Couples