• Infidelity & Betrayal

    Infidelity in a committed relationship puts a great strain on both partners and on the relationship itself. Often, the deceived partner is completely devastated by the infidelity and is left feeling heartbroken, alone, betrayed, confused and aggrieved.

    How can the Infidelity & Betrayal Counselling Session help?

    Many people choose counselling or relationship coaching to help recover from the impact of an infidelity. Often, couples choose to continue their relationship after finding out but some do reconsider whether or not they can remain together. In relationship counselling sessions, the choice of the couple will be respected and the therapist will serve the couple’s goal to remain united in these choices.

    Relationship counselling can help each partner express their emotions and needs in a safe space with the counsellor guiding the couple through the process of healing after the betrayal. Counselling can help each partner uncover and verbalise their level of commitment to the relationship as well as teach both partners the skills for repairing trust and intimacy. It also helps them to foresee potential pitfalls in the future and improves the chance of them avoiding those negative habits, behaviours and temptations.

    Helen Mia Harris has the expertise, through her work with Couples Therapy, to help each person to see more clearly the true nature of the relationship and encourages an open evaluation of the relationship’s strengths. Helen may also help the couple recognise an unhealthy pattern within the relationship such as co-dependency or emotional trauma.

    Many people perceive infidelity by a partner as a personal failure on their part, as it is an extremely emotionally devastating time and the consequences can be very stressful. However, couples who persevere through this phase will be able to finally address the issues that are at the root of much discontent.

    Couples counselling can help work through some very raw feelings; help heal the pain from the infidelity; and help isolate core issues enabling the couple to make sense of this unfortunately common experience, and obtain a new perspective.

    Couples counselling identifies the conflict issues within the relationship and helps couples reach a decision as to which changes are needed, both in the relationship and in the behaviour of each partner. This in turn, allows both partners to communicate more effectively and learn how to listen more closely.

    Couples can continue to develop an open, honest and new relationship, free of the encumbrances of the infidelity, whether they choose to separate or stay together.

    NB. These sessions are not to maintain the relationship nor to separate the couple, but to help each individual move away from, indifference, discord and disappointment towards a sense of emotional balance. Helen Mia works with integrity and respect for all individuals concerned.

  • When you start living what is true and honest for you, you begin to experience things authentically and see things in an entirely different way, this it what my consultations are about, something fundamental begins to occur in the way you relate to one another.