• Separation Anxiety Symptoms

    Separation Anxiety can be characterized by some of the following, the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will be tailored around these individual symptoms, working towards a secure sense of self, independence, autonomy and self development.

  • Symptoms of Anxiety in Relationships

    • Excessive fear of being alone and abandoned without the attachment figure being close by
    • Distress when separated from the subject of attachment, a loss of time and rationality when unable to make contact by phone, email or text. This state can worsen if the partner fails to respond instantly. The anxiety will tend to ease when some contact with the partner has been made and there is an immediate return to a state of normality and calm.
    • Persistent, excessive worrying about losing the subject of attachment, fearing that they maybe in a car/coach/train accident if they are late home
    • Persistent fear or reluctance to go to sleep without being near the attached partner, an inability to fall asleep unless reassured of the commitment in the relationship
    • Masking how much you feel, “act as if” your not really in love – pretending to be casual about your love, yet feel it as an intense hunger
    • Negative thoughts, erratic agitated behaviour, suspicious thoughts if partner is late home
    • Irrational fear that a significant partner will never come home again without any prior argument or dispute
    • Fear that however good the relationship, it will end at some point, never to see the one you are attachment to again

    By practising Helen Mia’s techniques learned in the Counselling Sessions, individuals and couples can continue to develop an open, honest and healthy relationship, free of the encumbrances of fear and separation anxiety whatever stage of the love relationship, as the programme looks at repetitive patterns through past relationships as a whole, and knowing this creates the possibility of transformation and future change.