• Marriage Counselling and Relationship Coaching

    Each of Helen Mia’s Relationship Counselling and Marriage Coaching sessions lasts for 60 minutes and is tailored to suit your unique circumstances, which she will discuss with you in your first session together.

    How Many Counselling or Coaching Sessions?

    In three to four sessions you will experience a substantial improvement in your relationship, and more specifically, the way in which you communicate with one another and approach any difficulty you may be encountering.

    These sessions with Helen Mia Harris are for couples or individuals.

    During these 60 minute sessions, you will discover…

    • Why your relationship is failing and exactly what you need to do to fix it. (During these sessions, Helen Mia will work with you, individually or together, to determine the reasons for your continuing conflict, and then provide you with the specific tools you need to work past that conflict and enjoy a mutually loving, respectful relationship).
    • The repetitive patterns of behaviour that are keeping you apart. (Once you know what these are and what they look like, you can start to address these triggers and dynamics, for the long-term benefit of your relationship).
    • Why a lack of communication is the single biggest reason for your relationship problems (Poor communication, and subsequently a failure to properly understand one another’s needs, wants and feeling fully heard and seen by one another).
    • How to re-establish a secure emotional attachment bond and connection, by listening attentively to each other’s point of view. (Helen Mia truly believes that most relationships fail/breakdown due to both parties feeling unloved, unwanted, unheard, and most of all, no longer feeling respected or appreciated. When this balance is restored the emotional response that you long for will be able to flow between you).
    • How to rebuild any loss of respect. (Respect is crucial in the healing of a fractured relationship. When this is restored to its natural balance, the love, passion and connection that you used to share will hopefully be revived).
    • How to properly listen to one another, and become aware of your “Reaction and Response” to any given situation. (This is particularly important if two people are caught in a power struggle, as the slightest reaction will “trigger” a reactive response in your partner who may feel under attack and consequently become emotionally shut down, leading to you experiencing the devastating effects of abandonment and rejection. Many couples continue to relate to one another in the same “negative” way, over and over again. Helen Mia will show you how to break these patterns that you have become so familiar with).
    • How to end the repetitive cycle of communication breakdown, anger, bitterness, resentment and “silences” that can create a toxic atmosphere between you. (Many relationships become stuck in a negative “loop” that they’re unable to escape from. Helen Mia will show you why this is happening, and exactly what you need to do to finally break free. Once you know how to achieve this, you will begin to feel connected and appreciated once again, and most of all, you will experience what it’s truly like to feel genuine warmth, respect and love from one another).