• Insecurity & Rejection

    Helen Mia Harris, Specialist Relationship Therapist, Couples Therapist, Marriage Counsellor & Couples Relationship Coach, has spent over 26 years helping her clients deal with heartbreak, rejection, insecurity, loss of love, co-dependency, loving too much and abandonment. Overcoming insecurity and rejection is vital to help us create the love we are seeking in satisfying relationships.

  • How can a Insecurity & Rejection Counselling Session help?

    An Insecurity & Rejection Counselling Session is a healing process that will help you work through the devastating effects of feeling insecure in your relationships. It aims at building a whole new concept of self and increasing your capacity for love. How we see and value ourselves is key to keeping the relationship free of insecurities and able to grow on a deeper and richer level than ever before.

    Helen Mia’s Counselling, Therapy and Coaching is successful at helping with these issues as it addresses core negative thinking patterns and self beliefs that lead to relationship anxiety, abandonment and insecurity. The counselling works towards restoring healthy self esteem, self value, autonomy and independence.

    Helen Mia’s expertise through her work with relationship recovery helps each person see more clearly the true nature of the relationship. She encourages an open evaluation of the relationship’s strengths and weaknesses, and recognises unhealthy patterns of relating, such as co-dependency or emotional trauma which can trigger rejection and insecurity.

    By practising techniques learned in the Counselling Sessions, individuals and couples can continue to develop an open, honest and healthy relationship, free of the encumbrances of insecurity and rejection. It can work at any stage of the relationship as the session looks at repetitive patterns through past relationships as a whole, and knowing this, creates the possibility of transformation and future change.

  • NB. These sessions are not to maintain the relationship nor to separate the couple, but to help each individual move away from, indifference, discord and disappointment towards a sense of emotional balance. Helen Mia works with integrity and respect for all individuals concerned.

  • The demand to be safe in a relationship inevitably breeds sorrow and fear. This seeking for security is inviting insecurity.