• Co-dependency & Attachment

    Hungry love and unhealthy attachments – those who love too much

    How can a Co-dependency Counselling Session help you?

    As a Specialist Couple Relationship Counsellor and Life Coach Practitioner, Helen Mia Harris has specialised in helping people deal with heartbreak, love and loss, rejection and abandonment for more than 26 years. Helen Mia helps individuals to look at the way they “handle” an issue or problem, rather than the problem itself; and the way they find themselves speaking about a sensitive subject.

    When love is hungry or co-dependent, “need” and “want” can become merged with one another. For example, “I need you to need me” can lead to “I will keep you needy because, if you ever get stronger, I’m afraid that you might leave me.”

    Helen Mia’s Relationship Counselling Sessions helps you build a healthy esteem, self confidence and learn how to gain control of painful emotions triggered by being at a loss to understand the difference between need, want, attachment and co-dependency.

  • Hungry Love and its Relationship to Feeling Unlovable

    When people feel unlovable they will endure much pain and suffering rather than contemplate ending the relationship, as this involves panic and withdrawal as it would battling with a drug addiction. Love withdrawal is exactly like going “cold turkey” whereby the anxiety and longing for the other is intolerable.

    Helen Mia’s work is not to maintain the relationship or to separate the couple but to help each other to honestly communicate what they feel, without fearing the other’s response or rejection.

    Helen Mia provides you with the tools to gain your own strength and lovability. She helps you re-direct you’re craving for love towards making a significant new connection to yourself and building a healthy, vital, passionate esteem in all that you are.

    In these counselling sessions, you can overcome your longing for love and approval, increase independence and experience emotional freedom; moving from ‘loving too much’ to ‘loving in a different kind of way’, a way that includes you, without leaving yourself behind.

    NB. These sessions are not to maintain the relationship nor to separate the couple, but to help each individual move away from, indifference, discord and disappointment towards a sense of emotional balance. Helen Mia works with integrity and respect for all individuals concerned.

  • Just think of the trees: they let the birds perch and fly, with no intention to call them when they come and no longing for their return when they fly away. If people’s hearts can be like the trees, they will not be off the Way

    – Langya