• Creative Writing Therapy

    Helen Mia Harris, Individual and Couple Relationship Psychotherapist and Certified Creative Writing Therapist, uses writing as a therapeutic tool to help clients with their personal development through love and loss. She helps them to explore hidden or buried feelings and experiences that hold keys to an individual’s emotional trauma.

    Creative writing is a powerful way of exploring our unexpressed yearnings, especially when it involves revealing emotions associated with love and loss; the trauma of separation, and when love seems impossible or painful.

    Helen has over 20 years experience specialising in helping women deal with heartbreak, loss, rejection, insecurity, co-dependency and abandonment. She found that the process of writing leads to the most liberating experience in finding a renewed sense of self and emotional strength.

    The process of creative writing and journal writing will help you find a way to dialogue with the ‘inner self’ and gain access to emotional discordance. It encourages people to gain an understanding of themselves by writing about their experience of love and loss as genuinely as possible, describing internal reflections and free flowing imagination with detail; this can be utilised through some of the following:

    • Autobiography
    • Monologue
    • Narrative
    • Memoir
    • Poetry
    • Reflections
    • Dialogue

    This can restore a sense of self validation, allowing the healing process to start making a real difference to our emotional well being.

    The healing power of expressing our thoughts on the page is a very real experience; problems that seem overwhelming become circumscribed and manageable when written down, creating a sense of clarity, focus and healing.

  • One sheds one’s sickness in writing books.

    DH Lawrence

  • Creative writing therapy also helps release untapped areas of creativity and self expression which builds self confidence, self validation and one’s own creative ability. This in turn leads to a profound and new approach to love, relationships and daily life after the loss of a significant loved one.

  • I always prepare myself for the sight of myself.

    Virginia Woolf

  • That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something, you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way.

    Doris Lessing

  • We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.

    Anais Nin

  • NB. There is a Creative Writing Programme for those who would like to explore love and loss through the writing process.